When Claytan© approached me for a design concept of their new ceramic series, I was immediately intrigued and drawn to this project, as I am a coffee lover myself. I could not resist the challenge to design something unique and beautiful, but keeping the authenticity and practical aspects in mind when it comes to the actual making of coffee.

In the small town of Potchefstroom in South Africa where my husband and I live, we are surrounded by a rich coffee culture of the finest quality coffee. Social gatherings are built around coffee experiences rather than factors like traffic or menu options.

I myself prefer a Flat White while my husband loves a classic Cappuccino. Both of us has visited many coffee expo’s because we are intrigued by the art and science of making a good cup of coffee.

At home we grind our own beans to ensure that each cup is a fresh sensation of rich coffee aroma. To us, nothing says “I appreciate you” more than making a guest a good cup of coffee.

With this being our daily routine and while living in a vibrant coffee community, I could not say no to designing a ceramic series that would be a delight to the eyes and at the same time provide you or the barista with elements that unknowingly help create the best cup of coffee possible.

A few design elements I incorporated was to pay attention to the shape of the cup. By designing an oval-shaped cup with slight angles, a perfect curve is formed between the lips and the base. Viewing the cups from the side, it then has irregular slopes on both ends and this allows for a perfect rotation when pouring into the cup. Small details like altering the shape from the traditional round-shaped cups, allow you to experience the warmth of a great cup of coffee in a way you would not have experienced it before.

When considering the colours for the cups, I wanted it to be bold and vibrant. Nudes and pastels are popular trends all over the world. But I specifically felt that these cups should stand out and be intrinsic. The colours are warm yet decisive – being the X-factor on your shelve rather than the safe choice.

A very important and underrated element I took time to consider in the design was the handle of the cups. A handle connects you to your cup and determines how long you can hold unto your cup of warm sensation. I therefore incorporated an ergonomic structure to help you grip you cup comfortably. I also really wanted to design something special for Dr. Arabica to be an element of surprize and thoughtfulness. Therefore, I designed an A shape in the handle to showcase that extra unexpected detail.

It was a wonderful experience collaborating with the brilliant minds of Claytan©. Their experience in ceramics over the years has helped me to design these cups in great confidence, knowing that their expertise would make any design possible to create.

I am thrilled to have my own set of Dr. Arabica cups at home. With each sip from these cups, I am reminded of a beautiful story of hard work, collaboration, and innovative ideas leading to the success story of Dr. Arabica’s new Claytan© ceramic series.

The aroma from coffee made in these cups are more vibrant and warmer, and I can honestly say to our guests that I appreciate them by making them the best cup of coffee yet!