Let your Coffee Breaks during busy hours be a relaxing time, full of fun & creativity with our new Dr. Arabica – Professional Series.

Instead of the traditional bowl-curve shape of a cup, each cup in this series come with a Bold Straight Edge, and both straight edges having different gradients, a creation out of the box. This mau inspire you to have better solution in your study, works & business whenever you take a break, enjoy your coffee with this uniquely designed cup.

And you will be intrigued to notice that there is a cute, tiny hidden ‘A‘ within the structure of the handle! We are proud to inform you that each cup is hand casted, hand sprayed by the craft man / potters experience.

You may also like to know & be pleased that every ceramic piece from Dr. Arabica Series by Claytan© Fine China is Lead-safe, oven & micro oven safe, dish washer safe, and metal marking resistant.


Just like coffee beans, the concept of “old coffee” and “new coffee” exists, but instead of conflicting, they should be combined to spark different ideas. Dr. Arabica Series is a product that combines tradition and trend, not only serving the aroma of Arabica but also incorporating the “new coffee” thinking from South Africa. So let’s take a look at the key features and design concept of Dr. Arabica Series:


If you pay close attention, you’ll notice that the cups in the Dr. Arabica series are not traditional round shapes, but rather oval-shaped with slight angles. When viewed from the side, the cups have irregular slopes at both ends, while the connection between the lips and the base forms a perfect curve. This allows you or the barista to pour the coffee and achieve a perfect rotation at the bottom of the cup. These details in design make you unknowingly experience the beauty while enjoying your coffee, creating a moment of inexplicable wonder.


Unlike traditional dull coffee cups, sometimes a vibrant and colorful appearance can bring a different dimension to the rich aroma of coffee. Therefore, when selecting colors for Dr. Arabica, the designer opted for bold and decisive hues, expressing the aspiration and vision for a better life. Who says coffee cups have to be boring? Coffee lovers are also a group that pursues a better life, and Dr. Arabica truly captures the mood of the drinker.


Details are the key to beauty in everything, so we wanted to create a coffee cup handle that is perfect to hold. The designer deliberately incorporated the ‘A‘ element of Arabica, combined with ergonomic structure, making it effortless for users to grip the coffee cup comfortably. Moreover, catching a glimpse of the ‘A‘ in the handle unexpectedly showcases the designer’s ingenuity and thoughtfulness.