Karen Zaayman is a young designer and artist from South Africa. Although she holds a Bachelor of Pharmacy degree from the North-West University of Potchefstroom and is a renowned music creator along with her husband, her passion for ceramics and dedication to coffee have driven her continuous efforts to create innovative coffee cup collections.

Through a fortunate coincidence, she was presented with a rare opportunity to collaborate with Claytan©. With her passion and creativity for life and coffee, Karen conceptualized the colours and concepts of Dr. Arabica. Together with Claytan©‘s research and development team, as well as their unwavering commitment to lead-safe production principles, the product prototype was launched in 2022 after nearly two years of dedicated work. The entire series was completed and finalized in early 2023.

South African coffee enthusiasts have cultivated a taste for high-quality specialty coffee. In 2013, there were already over 30 coffee shops in Cape Town alone, and today there are more than 150 coffee roasters nationwide, including globally renowned coffee brands. By transforming locally grown beans into delightful beverages through the introduction of talent, South Africa has become a new world of coffee.

Karen mentioned that her hometown of Potchefstroom is renowned for its impressive coffee shops. The coffee culture there is vibrant, with most social gatherings taking place in cafes. She herself is a passionate fan of flat white, while her husband prefers the classic cappuccino.

Perhaps inspired by the land of South Africa, hailed as the “new coffee,” Karen has developed a unique understanding and pursuit of coffee. The fusion of South Africans’ willingness to explore new flavours and advanced brewing methods has led to a transformation in the local coffee culture – people are becoming more perceptive and alert when enjoying their coffee. It is within this context that Karen‘s artistic touch gives birth to the Dr. Arabica Series, adding rich colours and flavours to the world of coffee.